Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Japan election campaign opens

Japan General election official campaign began in August 18.
Polls show Aso's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) headed for defeat in the August 30 vote for parliament's powerful lower house, which would usher in a government led by the opposition Democratic Party and raise the chance of breaking a policy deadlock.

I realized that I cannot vote this huge meaningful election from oversea...
Because I didn't expect there is an election during my absence in Japan, I totally forgot registeration for voting overseas . I accessed Japanese consulate website and it says registration process takes more than 2 months...There is no exist online registration.

Today's learn: To leave home country is not just move out. Be prepare!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hyper local journalism

Do you know VOSD( Voice of San Diego)?
It is a non profit local online news site which is operated by donation and foundation.
They focused on issues impacting the San Diego region.
It has sections for News, Voices, Education, Science, Politics,housing, and Special report.
One of the great thing of this organization is professionally staffed.
Frequently hearing large, historical new papers close the businesses because of losing customer who pays news. This is a a great opportunity for professional journalists and audience too.

Also this local news site can be as a local media which need to advertise for local business such as cleaning shops, pizza company, car fixing, hospital.

How I know this site is Japanese online media news site mentioned about this organization for the future journalism business model. Even I live San Diego for one year, I didn't know it.

Have you ever heard about this news site?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Go to Green (2)

Go to Green (2)
This is the second story of green.
I found an interesting report about “The seven sins of Green whashing”.
The report said “I2,219 products surveyed in North
America committed at least one of the Sins of Greenwashing.”

I know many offices start to be “green” and start purchase “green” products.
“Green”, “Eco friendly”, those words are sounds nice but there isn’t specific measurement.
We, consumers, need to build own trustable measurement.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Social Media Industry Report

I was looking for something about Social Media and I found one report which was published on March,2009. It seems pretty nice timing. It is not too old. (Or it is already old in quick industry??)

Here is a recorded speech which author gave. You can also download original PDF report from here.

What I think is.... Now I cannot say anything about it.

After I read it, I will post my thoughts.

Currently I have strong interesting about how to transparent Twitter in small business.

I hope I can fined some idea of my question.

Big question is the same as my small questionabout my blog : How to attract people even there is nothing looks like special, no one has any interesting about it. May be that is "Branding".

Go to Green (1)

Recently I am very conscious about to be a green and Green Marketing.

This is not only the reason I learned Green Marketing but also I am worry about the earth.
There are so many things happen to the earth.

Green house effect, water shortage, abnormal weather, etc...

What can I do for the earth?

I would like to think about it.

This post is supposed to be a series, but as you know, I am a person who can stick to.....

Anyway, today I would like to think about carbon offset business.

Last quarter, in a class presentation, one team presented about the young company which sales carbon offset program. Believe or not, it is not so expensive but it depends on passenger's decision. During the spring break, I planed to go to Seattle and I checked my carbon dioxide emission of my round trip. It costs $14 for one passenger.

Why don't you think about minimize your carbon footprint for the summer vacation?

New Challenge !! To whom blog is ?

I am a person who can stick to noting ; especially diary. Recently I found my nice looking diary note book which I started a year ago. I was supposed to write my American life and make a scrapbook, it started from the first day of my new life in the U.S. I wrote my thoughts, feelings, etc.. when I was in an airplane. It seemed nice start but it ended after 3days...

So, make an own blog is a big challenge for me.
Even before I start, I already concern about what should I write, what is my stance on, to whom this blog is.....

I prefer writing miscellaneous note than diary. Even I cannot continue writing, I normally wrote down something when I found something new, nice cafe, some one's quotations, cooking idea,etc.. But I don't want to make this blog miscellaneous digital note, so I have to decide my point.

I think blogs have 2 sides, one is for public, the other is for personal.
Only for personal purpose, also there are 2 types. One is just a monologue, the other is sharing thoughts and making conversation with online visitor (include friends and digital friends.) It can say for public because the writer telling something to public.

I follow some blogs which I don't know the writer because I like their points of view, sense of interest. They provide new idea to me. But I have never put any comments on their blogs.
I know how worthy blog is built is that worthy out put draws worthy in put. Then the blog can become interactive media.

I hope I out put something for public; someone wants to read.
I try to participate, in put some comments to class mates blog,

So, what is point of view today ?
Just looking for "TAMAMISH Style" !!